Canadian start-up focused on developing high-quality speakers for audiophiles. The challenge was that the client wanted to start building a social media presence before they begin manufacturing. This was to gauge interest and drive traffic toward their Go Fund Me page. I used their schematics to recreate the equipment into these high-quality renders to best illustrate to potential customers and investors what the final products will look like. 


Swiss tea brand focused on creating collagen infused tea offering multiple health and beauty benefits. A small budget pushed me to be creative with stock footage and motion graphics to keep the content fresh and vibrant. The content was distributed via multiple social media platforms and helped promote the brand and its unique selling point and assist in driving traffic and leading to an increase in sales. 

You Out

You Out is a start up app aimed at creating opportunities and facilitating people meeting in person.  Challenges involved highlighting features and selling points without having an already established community or completed UI to feature. Therefore I used fast eye catching graphics and mobile phone mock ups. This allowed the brand to generate interest and grow a community. 


Yumee is a social media app that is centered around the love of cooking. Due to it being a social media application I utilized user generated content to populate posts. This content made users feel more involved in the community as well as in the brand. It was also important to keep a consistent brand image across the content in order for users to easily differentiate the Yumee content from the multitude of other competitors in the same 

Growth Mentor

Growth Mentor is an online mentoring community focused on mental health, business, and life coaching. I leveraged their large and growing community and the content they created for their online profiles. Into posts and stories that would build and speak to the internal community more than market the brand. This lead to increased engagement as well as effective marketing material as users were more likely to share the posts which with they felt a personal connection.